Your face is your most important feature, the part of your anatomy that is seen first. That’s why it’s important to feel that you look your best.

Over time, facial skin tends to loosen. Several surgical procedures for the face and neck can help restore your youthful glow, smooth skin and defined features.

Dr. Bergeron's Unique expertise for Facial Surgeries

In addition to the face lift, which has been a very popular procedure for many years, specific facial features can be modified through Dr. Bergeron’s unrivalled expertise. For example, he can correct a wrinkled forehead or narrowed eyes, or improve the appearance of the nose, neck and ears.

There have been many advances in surgical techniques in recent years and Dr. Bergeron is proficient in the latest ones. He is notably one of the rare plastic surgeons in Quebec to use Belkyra injections, when appropriate, to eliminate the fat that causes double chins.  

He also has a subspeciality in interventions designed especially for Asians, as he holds a degree in cranio-maxillofacial surgery from the esteemed Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan, one of the world’s largest facial surgery centres. This allows him to perform surgeries that are rare in this part of the world, such as face-slimming (wide face surgery) and cheekbone reduction.

So, whether you want an entire face lift, an eyelid, neck or chin lift, or a correction of your ears or earlobes, Dr. Bergeron is the expert for you. And with his compassionate approach, he immediately instills confidence in his patients.

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries for the face and neck area

Have a look at a brief overview of each of the interventions that he can offer you and what each consists of.