Facial slimming is popular among Asian women with wide jaws who want an oval-shaped face.

Depending on the patient’s facial features, two different interventions can be used to reduce the angles of the jaw:

  • Botox injections (they are often sufficient)
  • Jaw angle reduction surgery


Dr. Léonard Bergeron is a plastic and cosmetic surgeon with a subspeciality in craniofacial surgery. After completing his studies in plastic and cosmetic surgery, he entered a one-year subspeciality program in cranio-maxillofacial surgery at the esteemed Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan. Therefore, his expertise extends beyond standard cosmetic surgery to include his specialty skills in plastic surgery for Asian facial features. During your appointment, Dr. Bergeron will answer all your questions and will recommend the solution that best meets your needs.


A Botox injection can be given in a matter of minutes in Dr. Bergeron’s office. A second injection will be given 3 months later and, subsequently, maintenance injections will be given every 6 months.

Jaw angle reduction surgery takes 60 minutes. It is performed under general anaesthesia, with the incisions made inside the mouth. The absorbable sutures disappear a few weeks later.


  • Results are immediate for the Botox injections. Because the swelling lasts 3 to 4 hours, it would be preferable not to plan appointments with clients the day of the intervention.
  • With jaw angle reduction surgery, it takes about 2 to 3 weeks for the swelling to go away. A soft diet will be recommended for two weeks.
  • Although the results are visible and satisfying after 2 weeks, it is necessary to wait up to a year to fully appreciate them.
  • You can return to work 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery.
  • Wait 3 weeks before engaging in cardiovascular activities, 4 weeks for sports activities and 6 weeks for contact sports.

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