Most women feel feminine and desirable because of their breasts. Many women develop complexes if their breasts are under- or overdeveloped, present anomalies or sag due to age or pregnancy.

For some women, breasts that do not live up to their beauty ideal can even impair their private and sexual life. And of course, that’s without counting all the women who, following a mastectomy to treat breast cancer, feel mutilated and less feminine.

Fortunately, nowadays there are many surgeries (breast augmentation, reduction or reconstruction, mastopexy, etc.) that improve the appearance of the breasts and give a woman a bust that is perfectly proportional to her figure. Even inverted or flat nipples can be corrected. For men, an intervention called gynecomastia surgery reduces prominent breasts and provides well-defined chest muscles.  

As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Bergeron is highly skilled in the most innovative techniques for correcting both men’s and women’s breasts. During your appointment, he will explain the options open to you and will show you pictures of patients who have relied on his expertise for a problem such as yours. Thanks to his attention to detail, expertise and professionalism, you’ll have the breasts that you’ve always dreamed of.

Types of Breast Surgeries

Take a look at the different types of surgical interventions that can be done on the breasts or the chest.