Cosmetic surgery of the breasts is one of the most common surgical procedures. Why? The breast is a symbol and an important part of femininity. Malformed or underdeveloped breasts, mastectomies, breasts that need to be reduced, sagging breasts, large nipples or aureoles, etc. can all be a source of embarrassment for women.

Dr. Léonard Bergeron is a renowned breast and cosmetic surgeon who is recognized for correcting the breasts of both men and women. He is one of the best surgeons in Quebec thanks to his expertise in the most advanced techniques. Several types of surgeries such as:

• breast augmentation 
• mastopexy (breast lift)
• correction of nipples or areolas
redraping, etc.

can improve the appearance of the breasts and give women a chest that is perfectly adapted to their figure. For men, gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction) allows for the reduction of prominent breasts in order to create well-defined pectorals.

Dr. Bergeron will help you choose the best option for you and will bring you all his expertise for a need such as yours. Get rid of your complexes and find the breasts of your dreams with Dr. Léonard Bergeron.