Gynecomastia, which is excessive development of mammary glands in men, has many causes.

It can be hereditary or caused by hormones, or it may be due to a tumour, an illness or certain medications (or drugs). It can affect one breast or both. This hypertrophy of the breast may lead to loss of self-esteem and cause anxiety. Because neither physical exercise nor weight loss can solve this problem, breast reduction is the only effective alternative. It consists of reducing the volume of the breasts by removing the excess fat, glandular tissue or both. During your consultation, Dr. Bergeron will advise you on the solution that best suits your needs.

“Note: These photos are published for information purposes only in order to provide information on the nature of the intervention. In no way should they be considered a guarantee of results.”




This surgery, which takes from 1 to 2½ hours, depending on the severity of the case, is performed under general anaesthesia. An incision will be made under the nipple to remove the excess glandular tissue. Then liposuction will be performed to redefine the chest muscle. Absorbable sutures will be used to close the incision.

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  • After the surgery, the incisions will be covered with a dressing, which will be removed 5 to 10 days later, during the postoperative visit.
  • A compression undershirt must be worn for 6 weeks.
  • The results will be visible 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery.
  • This surgery provides permanent results, provided the patient does not gain weight, or take medication or drugs that could cause gynecomastia.
  • Patients can usually return to work 1 week after the operation, but those who do physical work will have to wait longer.
  • Wait 3 weeks before engaging in cardiovascular activities, 4 weeks for sports activities and 6 weeks for contact sports.