Some women are embarrassed by their elongated labia minora, which can interfere with sexual relations and cause pain. And because their labia are sometimes more visible, some women avoid wearing tight pants or bathing suits.

What is nymphoplasty?

Nymphoplasty is a surgical procedure for women that deem their labia minora to be too big. The procedure is performed on the vulva area to modify the appearance or size of the labia minora and to improve their symmetry. Nymphoplasty also reduces the pigmentation of the labia minora.

Who can benefit from labia reduction?

The procedure can be performed on women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their external genitalia. As fewer taboos are surrounding this surgery, a growing number of patients are choosing to get labiaplasty to reduce the physical discomfort that overly prominent labia can cause and reduce the pain felt during sexual intercourse. Labia surgery can also be performed after trauma or stretching in this area, for example during childbirth.

It is also a solution sought by individuals who are self-conscious about this intimate part of their body. As a result, the social or psychological discomforts associated with the appearance of their genitalia are greatly reduced.

Nymphoplasty or labiaplasty?

Nymphoplasty is an operation that focuses on improving the appearance of the labia minora in women. Labiaplasty is also known as labioplasty: they are two terms used to refer to the same surgical procedure.

In all cases, whether nymphoplasty or labiaplasty, the sensitivity of the erogenous zones is usually not reduced.

Course of the surgical procedure

Following your preoperative meetings with Dr. Bergeron at his clinic in Montreal or Longueuil, labia surgery will be performed under local anesthesia. The procedure is short, lasting between 30 to 60 minutes. The appearance of the labia minora is reshaped to reduce length, overall appearance or pigmentation. The incisions are closed with melting points that will disappear after about 15 days.

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Recovery following a nymphoplasty
  • During the first two weeks following a nymphoplasty, scars should be cleaned with water or damp wipes after each visit to the toilet. It is also important to use an antibiotic cream, such as Polysporin, after washing the private parts.
  • A post-operative meeting will take place 5 to 10 days after the surgery.
  • Showers and hip baths are allowed the day after the surgery.
  • Bathing, spa and swimming are prohibited within the first two weeks after a nymphoplasty. You will be able to resume your normal activities after this period.
  • Following this procedure, discomfort may be felt while sitting. Work can be resumed after about a week.
  • Sports activities are allowed after 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Sexual intercourse is allowed after 4

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