Unfamiliar with surgical interventions? Curious about what is involved? Here are the steps that will allow you to reach your goal of getting the body you’ve dreamed of.


  1. First, contact us by e-mail or phone to schedule your first appointment.
  2. During your first meeting, we will collect information about your health and about the reasons motivating your visit. And, of course, you will meet Dr. Bergeron, who will discuss your problem with you. With empathy and attention, he will take all the time needed to recommend the solution(s) most suited to your particular situation and needs. He will also show you photos of patients who had the same intervention to help you visualize the results and confirm your decision.
  3. Our team will then inform you about the cost of the surgery, payment methods and financing options, as well as dates available for your intervention. We will answer all your questions about your surgery (procedure, length of time, postoperative care, recovery, etc.) so that you will feel comfortable and secure.
  4. You’ll have a second meeting with Dr. Bergeron, who will go over with you all the details of your intervention. Please do not hesitate to ask him any final questions at this time. Most importantly, Dr. Bergeron wants you to be fully informed and totally confident. We will give you a confirmation of your medical exam, as well as your prescriptions for medications and your postoperative instructions.

That’s it! Now you know how easy it is to entrust us with your health and needs. You’re in good hands with us because we take care of everything. We’ll do everything possible to make your experience a pleasant one and to make your dreams come true.