Over time, our body changes and it is sometimes difficult to accept our new appearance. Our self-confidence decreases, making us more fragile emotionally.

This is the experience of many women who, after giving birth to one or more children, see their abdominal skin become flabby and covered with stretch marks. Fortunately, there is an intervention, abdominoplasty, which allows them to regain their flat, nicely defined stomach and to get rid of many stretch marks at the same time.

But significant weight loss can also be responsible for a distended belly and flabby arms and thighs. An arm and thigh lift could be considered in this case to restore their shape and tone.

And to define your figure, nothing beats liposuction or liposculpture. The goal of the former is to remove fat cells in targeted areas, while the latter intervention reinjects these cells into places where they would be beneficial.

Dr. Bergeron is an experienced surgeon with expertise in the most advanced techniques available for performing each of these interventions. An expert in anatomy, he performs these procedures meticulously, because, as he so aptly says, to achieve the most harmonious results, you have to put your time, and your heart and soul, into it.

Here is a brief description of the various surgeries that will redefine your body and leave you feeling comfortable in your own skin.